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Can’t stand overly religious people

It’s bad that I’ve gotten out of touch with so many people
It’s even worse that I don’t mind it at all

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I’m a star…..

Sheriff’s badge…..

It’s damn near July

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Girls on tumblr:

What do you call a woman who is confident about her sexuality? A woman, you pig.

Girls in real life:

It's not even that hot to be wearing that wow what a whore.

There’s no point to NBA basketball once everybody from the 90’s retires.


Oh, Aerith.

As amazing as Yoshi’s artwork is and always will be, fuck Cloud.

Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (by franzferdinandVEVO)

Thought I lost my phone

Deactivated facebook

Changed password for tumblr, twitter, and gmail

Downloaded like 6 phone tracking applications

Phone was in my bookbag the whole time

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